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  • Ergonomic Torch Handle: Hand Torches offer ergonomic handles with easy-to-use trigger release that provides comfort during prolonged use. 75° and 90° heads offer operators a choice of positions.
  • New Phenolic Position Tube: With an innovative, easy-to-remove 32 pitch gear rack,the phenolic positioning tube can easily be adapted to any 1 3⁄8" (35 mm) torch holder. If manual torch position is required, the use of the gear rack will complete the task. Simply remove the gear rack from the positioning tube if not needed.
  • Extended or Protected Consumable Parts: 1Torch consumable parts are designed to adapt to your cutting style. By simply changing the shield cup, you can either have:
    • An extended tip for greater visibility and control and precision drag cutting at low power.
    • A protected tip for on the plate drag cutting at high power up to 120 Amps.
  • Lower Consumable Parts Inventoriesand Costs: Only 34 consumable parts cover the full range of cutting and gouging up to 120 Amps. Inventorying parts for a fleet of plasma units can be simplified using the 1Torch®
  • Improved Leads: 1Torch leads are lightweight, extremely flexible, and rugged enough to withstand years of use.
  • ATC® (Advanced Torch Connector) Quick Disconnect Option: The ATC quick disconnect design brings extra flexibility to almost any plasma system. Switching to a machine torch, swapping out a damaged unit, or simply changing lead lengths is done quickly and requires no tools.
  • ATC Lead Extensions: ATC Lead extensions offer the flexibility of working up to 100' (30.4 m) away from the power supply. Extensions are offered in 15' (4.5 m), 25' (7.6 m), and 50' (15.2 m) lengths. The ATC makes it easy to add or subtract total torch lead length as requirements change.
  • Patented SureLok® Electrode Technology: Eliminates the need for an installation tool and ensures precise electrode and tip alignment which results in a highly defined arc and precise cuts. SureLok alignment also means longer tip and electrode life and reduced operating costs.
  • Total Gas Management™: eliminates the need for a separate plasma gas baffle. Each tip includes plasma gas ports uniquely tuned to optimise cutting performance at its rated current. Precision gas control, longer consumable parts life and better cut performance. Advanced Consumables Design with Total Gas Management: Cutmaster® systems incorporate the gas baffle into the tip, which eliminates the need for a separate plasma gas baffle, prevents gas distributor deterioration, and ensures that the user is getting consistent, high quality cuts without compromising parts life.
  • Powered by Thermal Dynamics®
    • Excellent at High Cut Speeds: Excellent cutting ratios (mm/min.) ensure that high quality cuts are achievable even at higher cutting speeds.
    • Stainless Steel: Cutmaster systems offer excellent performance for cutting stainless steel.
    • Lower Thicknesses: Cutmaster systems offer superior cut quality on thinner metals (Less than 3mm).
    • No Dross: When operated correctly, Cutmaster TRUE™ systems can cut with little-to-no dross.
    • High Cut Capacities: Cutmaster TRUE systems offer high TRUE cut capacities.
  • Quick Connect ATC®: (Advanced Torch Connector) Quick Torch Connect/Disconnect With No Tools Required
  • Trigger Latch: This feature prevents hand fatigue during long cuts.
  • Improved Leads: Lightweight, flexible, and durable for years of use.


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