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Bosch SelfCut Flat Drill Bit Hex Shank

Code: M201202
The Auger Bit drills wood quickly and accurately for through-holes, pre-drilling, and dowel holes, featuring a self-feeding tip for precision and speed. It's ideal for carpenters and roofers, fitting 13-mm chuck drill drivers.
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Fast Drilling-Accuracy - The Auger Bit is ideal for fast drilling-accuracy when producing through-holes, pre-drilling for rafter nails and drilling deep dowel holes in wood. The heavy-duty self-feeding tip pulls the bit through completely, which allows for quick and effortless precision-drilling. Straight holes and a high chip removal rate and increased speed are made possible by the bit's optimised low-friction flute geometry with a solid centre. Its optimised scoring spur and precision-ground main cutting edge produce accurate holes. It is ideal for use in the ancillary building trades, for carpenters and roofers, and is suitable for soft and hard wood This drill bit has a hexagonal shank system and works with all drill drivers with a 13-mm chuck. Hex shank for maximum power transfer in standard three-jaw drills and hexagonal drill driver chucks.


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