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Bosch SDS Plus-9 Rebar Hammer Drill Bit

Code: M201146
The SDS plus-9 RebarCutter Drill Bit efficiently cuts rebar in concrete with durable teeth for speed and wear resistance. Its flute design clears dust efficiently, optimized for power and speed, with a ventilation hole for heat dissipation. Use only with approval from a structural engineer and with rotary hammers without impact.
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The SDS plus-9 RebarCutter Drill Bit is specially designed for cutting through rebar in reinforced concrete. Its firmly fixed carbide teeth are uniquely shaped to maximise drilling speed and wear resistance. The bit´s steep 2+2 flute design enables optimum dust removal and long lifetime. Moreover, this flute design is also vibration-optimised for the best power transfer and speed. Additionally, a ventilation hole in the bit dissipates heat and enables metal chip removal. Do not cut through rebar unless a structural engineer issues approval. It is compatible with rotary hammers with SDS plus holders and should be used without impact.


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