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Bosch SDS Plus-3 Hammer Drill Bit

Code: M201144
The SDS plus-3 Drill Bit is built tough for concrete drilling, with a 4-flute dura design for dust removal and heat prevention. Made of high-alloy steel with Bosch-controlled carbide blend cutting edges, it's certified for precision and durability by the PGM Masonry Drill Bit Association Board, perfect for use with rotary hammers and SDS plus holders.
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The SDS plus-3 Drill Bit offers durability when drilling in concrete. To prevent heat development, the 4-flute dura design provides effective dust removal for increased endurance. It is made of high-alloy steel, which is produced with an optimised hardening technology to withstand wear. For additional resistance, indented cutting edges are made from an ideal Bosch-controlled carbide blend. As proof of quality, the drill bit bears the test mark of the PGM Masonry Drill Bit Association Board, guaranteeing compliance with tight tolerances, exact drilling and the firm hold of fixings. The bit is intended for work on concrete and masonry and is to be used with rotary hammers with SDS plus holders. 


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