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Bosch SDS Max-4 Hammer Drill Bit

Code: M201141
The SDS max-4 Drill Bit, compatible with all SDS max rotary hammers, boasts a 4-cutter head for concrete longevity, jam-free rebar drilling, and effective dust removal, thanks to its 2-flute U-shape, with added durability from its carbide makeup, perfect for concrete and masonry work.
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It is compatible with all rotary hammers with SDS max holders. The SDS max-4 Drill Bit is equipped with a 4-cutter head and delivers long lifetime in concrete. This special 4-cutter design ensures prolonged use with no jamming when drilling rebar. Additionally, its 2-flute U-shape also lenghthens life while offering good dust removal. Durability is further secured via the bit's highly durable carbide makeup, which resists wear as it drills. The bit is intended for use in concrete and masonry.


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