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Bosch Optiline Wood Circular Saw Blade

Code: M201140
The Optiline Wood Circular Saw Blade provides precise cuts in wood, with high-quality carbide teeth for clean cuts and a stable SK5 hardened steel base for accuracy. Expansion slots reduce vibration and noise while lowering heat. It's suitable for various wood types and tools, offering different results based on tooth count and compatible with hand-held, mitre, sliding mitre, and table saws.
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The Optiline Wood Circular Saw Blade delivers precise quality cuts in all types of wood. Its high-quality precision-ground carbide teeth enable clean cuts, while its base blade made of dimensionally stable SK5 hardened steel (> 40 HRC) ensures accuracy. Furthermore, the blade's expansion slots lower vibration during use, which dampens noise and reduces heat development. Use this saw blade in all types of wood and wooden materials. Depending on the number of teeth, different results can be achieved with all Optiline Wood Circular Saw Blades, which feature ATB (Alternate Top Bevel) tooth geometry: when equipped with a high tooth count, the blade delivers clean cuts, whereas a low number of teeth guarantees solid and efficient cuts. It is compatible with hand-held, mitre, sliding mitre and table saws.


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