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      & safety

      Hand Arm Vibration                                Working at height
      Hand Arm vibration is a significant risk to those   Work at height means work in any place
      workers using vibratory tools. All vibratory      where, if precautions were not taken, a
      products in our brochure will show the vibration   person could fall a distance liable to cause
      rating with addional information provided on our   personal injury. We have available to hire
      website. We have introduced a large number of     or buy an extensive range of safety items
      low vibration products so ispeak to your account   designed to protect workers working from
 Construction sites present a considerable risk to   manager to find out more.  height. These include landing bags, harnesses

 workers. There are over 2 million construction   We provide a range of HAV meters &   and a full range of personal protection and
                                                        workwear. In addition we sell scafftags which
 workers in the UK, all vulnerable to work-related   Wristbands which measure workers HAV   are designed to ensure that properly trained

 illness and injury.   levels and ensure compliance to support   personnel have erected scaffold towers.
      your Health and Safety Risk Program.
                                                        Personal Protection Equipment
 We provide the equipment you need to keep your   Exposure to dust  We can supply an extensive range of PPE,
      Dust provides a real risk to construction
                                                        workwear and high visibility clothing from
 workers safe and ensure compliance to the latest   workers.  Our hire fleet contains a number   a variety of the leading brands. Many of
 health and safety regulations.  of dust extraction units, like the best in class   these items can be provided in your own
      Hilti VC60 ; which provides M class dust
                                                        brand identity for you to positively promote
      extraction, perfect for pairing with our range    the professionalism of your company. Our
      of drilling, slitting, grinding, cutting and dry   full range can be found on our website or
      coring equipment.                                 alternatively speak to your account manager
                                                        to find our more.
      Noise Levels
      Exposure to high levels of noise can create
      irrerepariable hearing problems. Sound            Mental Health Awareness
      Pressure ratings are recorded in decibles and     First Response have recently sponsored and
      shown in our catalogue.                           become pro-actively involved in supporting a
                                                        charity that promotes wellbeing through face
      Sound level metres are available which            to face engagement and exercise & sports
      monitor sound levels and we nalso have a          programs. If you or your business would like
      choice of ear defenders, also available from      to find out more or get involved in the great
      stock.                                            cause, please speak to your account manager.

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