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     Before you can hire equipment from a hire provider you must have adequate
     cover in place to protect against damage or loss. Most hire firms provide
     protection in the form of a Damage Waiver which only protects you against

 Simple, cost effective protection against the cost   damage to equipment. Hire Guard  provides total protection against damage and loss
     creating additional peace of mind.
 of replacing or repairing the equipment you hire.
 Unlike damage waivers you are covered for theft   What is it   What cover does it provide
 of equipment too, providing addional peace   Hire Guard is specialist cover for the hire   Most Damage Waiver cover provided

 of mind. Offered in conjunction with the Hire   industry which has been developed in   by hire firms will only protect the hirer
 Association Europe (HAE).  conjunction with Hire Association   from loss. HIRE GUARD offers protection

     Europe (HAE).                                      against damage and loss.

     How much does it cost                              How do I apply
     Hire Guard is available at a competitive           Simply call your account manager or the

     rate usually a small percentage of the             hire desk and they will arrange for cover
     total hire price.                                  to be put in place for your hire order.

                If you would like to find out more about Hire Guard insurance,
                please speak with your account manager or call the hire team.

                                     03301 280 860

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